Is It No Routine,Or A Bad Routine?

I’ve just recently been fired. But, hey! It’s the dawn of a new day. No, really. It’s actually dawn.

What am I doing? I haven’t even gone to sleep yet. This is a familiar pattern, staying up a little too late, extinguishing cigarette after cigarette, getting really thirsty but too afraid to leave the confines of a safe bedroom for the dark kitchen to procure a drink. The only thing I can think of doing is pulling an all-nighter and an all-dayer in the hopes of being so tired come nightfall that I’ll sleep. But, no. I get that feeling of graininess and shaking that comes from being overly tired and I find myself asleep by 10 o’clock in the morning. Currently, I find no way out if this. The last time I was in the loop of this unhealthy routine was just before I got shipped off to boarding school and had to sleep at night. Mind you, I was younger then. I mean, I’m only 20 now but it’s a lot harder than it used to be and, in truth, I couldn’t really hack it all that well back then, either. Oh, I know! Lots of coffee, whilst making the shakiness worse, would still prevent me from sleeping during daylight hours, but if I then add a physical activity to it, I might find myself back in my regular routine in no time. Unless this becomes my regular routine. Nah, it’s only been 2 months ;).

I need a job.

Ah, well. It’s nighttime somewhere :p

Thanks for reading,


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