A Slur of Words and a Cat Called OJ

I had a terrible dream last night. I thought I’d share it with you all today but I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to re-read this at any time and have to remember it all over again. It went on for what felt like 7 hours but I’d only slept for 2, giving me a total of just over 3 hours of sleep in the last 2 days. I’m still deciding if I want to wait until tonight to sleep or sleep during the day, like usual. On a previous post, I noted that I needed to change that particular habit and this seems like the way but my head feels really groggy and my eye is itchy, save that that might be because I had salty chips thrown in my face the other night. It’s my squinty eye as well. You’ll see my squinty eye in my photos. It’s the left one. Shows up in all of my photos but you can’t see in on my face unless I’m tired.

You know when you get to that certain stage of tired where everything is hilarious? Well, I had that yesterday. My ex boyfriend (still sharing a bedroom with- it’s complicated) and I went for coffee and he said something that made me laugh so much I cried, which I’m pretty sure is the first time he’s done that.

Yeah, so this post is just a random slur of thoughts. I’ll update it later but I’ll keep all this stuff in.

Here’s a random picture:

Right, so it’s about an hour later now. I still haven’t thought of a topic for this post but I have been thinking of a few different topics to dedicate entire posts to. I’ll make a list of them, should be fun.

So, do you guys ‘Judge a post by it’s title’?
I think I do. Or, well, I just assume that the writers are being pretty straight-forward in their titles so that nobody has to double-check. Am I making sense? I’m not sure that I am. These new paragraphs are just another set of thought slurs.  I hope you find the randomness to your satisfaction. Except that it’s not all randomness, because I’m trying to make the sentences connect. I don’t think I’m doing a very good job. Still, I continue on.

The picture of the cat above is one of my brother’s cats. That’s a tough sentence for me. I never understood how to form a sentence that states that one of brothers has a cat. Only one cat. The sentence I provided doesn’t quite say that. It means that I have a brother who has more than one cat. I’ll try this again: A cat that belongs to one of my brothers. That’s better. Anyway, her name is OJ. It stands for Orange Juice because there was an OJ sticker on the box she was carried to her new home in. So, is that my brother’s quick thinking?
“What’re you gonna call her?”
*Looks around* “Uh… OJ”
Or is it a lack of imagination?

Thanks for reading,


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