I am not big on socialising. Living with 10 people means that I have to socialise, however, at least in some way, every day. And living with 10 people means that I have developed pretty good social skills. But, that doesn’t mean I like to talk to people. Or, rather, that I would prefer not to most of the time. Sometimes I enjoy it and I’ve even been known to crave someone to talk to. But, in general, I tend to avoid any unnecessary socialising. After doing the shopping today and seeing an old friend outside the shop, I stayed to chat as I hadn’t seen him in a while and he had his 10 month old daughter with him, who I had never met. We talked for almost an hour, I’d say. Upon walking home, I thought, “Right, that’s my socialising done for the month!” And, yes, I do realise it’s the 1st of the month. As I’m nearing my house, I see a guy walk from next door, straight into my front yard. He had a clip board. Oh, boy.

He ended up being a salesman (I was right) and works fora company that I was interviewed by in late 2012. Since I was going to uni at the time, though, I couldn’t work the full-time hours they wanted me to. But this guy was really nice and I had a cigarette with him and a chat about things that actually had nothing to do with what he was selling. Anyway, he gave me the number for the company and told me that they have a new manager now and that I should apply. Since they always need people and tattoos are acceptable, I might just reapply. But I’m not a good salesperson. And it’s door-to-door stuff. All that socialising! Ack! Not to mention the fact that anyone who answers the door could be, well… terrifying.

Maybe I could apply for an office position if they have one going. I bought a lovely little journal today. I’m attracted to such things. I was looking at all of them. Opening up all the the different patterned ones, and different shaped ones, knowing that it all looked identical on the inside. Then I saw a brown one. And I had to have it.
Too Cool For School. To School For Cool?

Hmmm… Let me check my schedule.
Nope, sorry, too busy…
Oh, wait. There’s an availability there. And there. And there. And the whole page is blank.
See ya round.

Pssh, socialising.

Thanks for reading,


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