Recommend a Subject

I’m having a lot of difficulty in trying to find something to write about. I know that sounds insane as there are so many things out there in the world and, in my bedroom alone, tons of books, Well, not, literally tons of books. The weight equivalent of about 50.

There’s also girly stuff; nail varnish, make-up, creams, etc. Not much else, really but I love so many things. I could talk about all of the tv shows that I love and why I love them or my books, what they’re about. But I’m not sure if anyone’s going to be interested in them so could you please, please comment and recommend a subject for me?

How is history on the bottom?

How is history on the bottom?

If it’s something academic, I’ll research and find references, anything. Just please give me an idea of what you want to read about for the time being that my mind is going through these troubles. If not, if no comments by tomorrow, I’ll do an alphabet list of subject and have 26 posts. I’m happy to do that. Actually, that sounds kind of fun.

Anyway, comment or not. Would really be appreciated if you did, as learning is more fun that writing most days so it would be nice to learn something to write about as well 😉

Also, quick shout out to my followers: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Thanks for reading,


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