26 Posts: A; Archaeology

Welcome to my 26 Posts!

I will be doing a series of posts, amounting to 26. They will be on a subject related to history and and I will briefly touch on them because otherwise I will get carried away. This is the first post of the 26 post series and is the letter A for archaeology. Here is the link to the introduction for these 26 posts, where I have included a list of all of the things I will be talking about, in alphabetical order.

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Archaeology is studying the past using mostly artefacts that archaeologists excavate, things that are ‘left behind’ by people from the past. Archeologists also use geography, anthropology, architectural studies, linguistics and much more to uncover the past. Not only does archaeological study find what happened in a certain place, they also find how the people who lived there went about their daily lives. But archaeology isn’t just about people rocking up and digging with a shovel. Archaeologists use a wide range of tools such as trowels, tape measures, shovels, screens, tongue depressors, total station, cameras, soil cores and a dustpan and brush

There is also a lot of research in archaeology. The area has to be examined before any sort of digging goes on, unless of course, archaeologists are called in because people working on a building site have come across something in the ground. After the artefacts are retrieved, they have to be cleaned, catalogued and studied.

A lot of artefacts are traded within one country and also with other countries. Museums sometimes borrow artefacts from another museum and they will trade some of their own in return. Of course, I’m not speaking of private collectors, but they’ve also been known to trade artefacts.

To be an archaeologist, you will need to major in archaeology at a college or university but you can also major in anthropology with an emphasis on archaeology. It depends where you are in the world, really. My dream is to be an archaeologist but you believe I haven’t seen the Indiana Jones movies? I really should get on that 😉


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