I have finally started packing and I have thrown out a whole heap of stuff, including heels. It’s a little bit difficult because I’m going to Perth on the bus, so I can’t take boxes, which means all of my books and DVDs have to stay until I can get them up there. But it’s good. I definitely feel like this is going to be absolutely shit. My job won’t work out, Lloyd and I will argue all of the time. And Christmas without a tree will feel crazy and depressing. We’re going on a picnic, though so we’ll just use the council’s decorations.

I feel anxious to move. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am so unbelievably ecstatic to be getting out of here but I just feel scared to be in the city on my own. I’ll have Lloyd but I don’t know for how long, since he doesn’t want to live with me unless we get back together. Well, that’s it for today. I’d better get back to packing but I won’t. I’m eating cornflakes and watching

    New Girl.


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Celebrity Crushes

Celebrity crushes, we all have them. Whether photoshop has been used or not, they’re some of the best looking people on the planet. Or maybe that’s just because we have access to their pictures, I don’t know. Regardless, it’s usual for all of us to have a celebrity crush. My list is a little long. There are 16. Now, before I go on to say who they are, I should point out that I feel very passionately about these men and it’s odd. With some of them, I just want to touch them and sleep with them, with others, I like their personalities, what of that they show us. Some are simply characters. Here goes, in no particular order:

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