Celebrity Crushes

Celebrity crushes, we all have them. Whether photoshop has been used or not, they’re some of the best looking people on the planet. Or maybe that’s just because we have access to their pictures, I don’t know. Regardless, it’s usual for all of us to have a celebrity crush. My list is a little long. There are 16. Now, before I go on to say who they are, I should point out that I feel very passionately about these men and it’s odd. With some of them, I just want to touch them and sleep with them, with others, I like their personalities, what of that they show us. Some are simply characters. Here goes, in no particular order:

Hawkeye, portrayed by Alan Alda. I love Hawkeye because he is just pure sex. With his humour and his seriousness, how broken he is, he’s just so sexy. And I’m not saying that emotionally damaged men are what I seek for in a man or find particularly attractive but you have to admit that there is something so appealing about a brooding man. I think that’s a thing, in fact.

At any rate, there is definitely something about him. He’s not even my favourite character from M.A.S.H. That would be Frank 🙂

Owen Harper, portrayed by Burn Gorman. Owen is absolutely my favourite character from Torchwood. I don’t know much about the actor but I love Owen’s anger, passion and attitude. And his looks!

owen harper


Dr. Daniel Jackson, portrayed by Michael Shanks. I do actually love Michael Shanks as well. I think he’s a really great guy, he’s funny and he’s a good actor. Stargate SG-1 is one of my all-time favourite shows. Daniel Jackson is, as you’ll know if you’re also a fan, amazingly passionate and he’s an archaeologist, which if you’re a fan of me, then you’ll know is my dream career 🙂



Ian Somerhalder, hot!

Alexander Skarsgård, I love Sweden, the Swedish and the Swedish language so it’s no surprise, really, that I would love this guy. Although, I think I may like all of that because of this guy. I’m a massive fan of True Blood and Eric Northman is boss!
Though apparently not to his sister 😉

Indiana Jones, portrayed by Harrison Ford. Okay, so I finally watched the films. And I love them. All of them, even the latest one. I’m a sucker for tv archaeologists and badass theatricals, it seems.

Ed Sheeran, So, I used to dislike his music on the basis that it all sounds the same. But then I heard the song “Don’t” and I love how he expresses his anger in that through words. Now I have an attraction to him and love most of his songs. I have this weird fascination for gingers now as well.


Rhod Gilbert, I love the Welsh and I love the giggles, so this guy does it all for me. He’s a comedian and I have been known to pause a YouTube video because I couldn’t stop laughing and didn’t want to miss anything he said.

Russell Howard, This guy has a kind heart and an incredible sense of humour. I urge you to check out Russell Howard’s Good News and/or any of his stand up shows. He is one of the fucking funniest comedians  ever, no joke.
Haha, get it? Well, clearly I’m not.

James Bellamy, portrayed by Simon Williams. He is a character from the older version of Upstairs, Downstairs. He’s very posh and just looks the part so well. But he’s a troubled rich boy and falls into financial hardship.

Ian Harding, I’ve only seen Ian Harding in Pretty Little Liars but he’s an amazing actor and his character on the show is so lovable.

Jaime Lannister, portrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Formidable warrior and very witty. Let’s ignore the incest, shall we?

Jeff Winger, portrayed by Joel McHale. Jeff Winger is a character from Community, one of the funniest shows ever in my opinion. Jeff’s character centres around his arrogance and confidence, his quick witted humour and cynical outlook.

Jack Sparrow, portrayed by Johhny Depp. So, I think a lot of people feel this way, though I’m not sure; Johnny Depp isn’t that good looking, it’s only when he’s Jack. But when you think of it, surely he would smell horrible. Like really fucking disgustingly horrible. Still, he’s hot. Not sure why I like this smelly looking pirate with make up and ratty hair.


Nick Miller, portrayed b Jake Johnson. Nick is in the show New Girl, which is so funny. I love Nick because of his anger and cynicism.


Adam Levine, Adam Levine was name Sexiest Man Alive last year. I’ve always liked him. He’s a talented singer. I love his tattoos.


downloadowendaniel jian salexanderindianaedrhodrussellsimonian hjaimejeff1jacknickadam

Thanks for reading, perving and disagreeing on my taste :P,


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