I have finally started packing and I have thrown out a whole heap of stuff, including heels. It’s a little bit difficult because I’m going to Perth on the bus, so I can’t take boxes, which means all of my books and DVDs have to stay until I can get them up there. But it’s good. I definitely feel like this is going to be absolutely shit. My job won’t work out, Lloyd and I will argue all of the time. And Christmas without a tree will feel crazy and depressing. We’re going on a picnic, though so we’ll just use the council’s decorations.

I feel anxious to move. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am so unbelievably ecstatic to be getting out of here but I just feel scared to be in the city on my own. I’ll have Lloyd but I don’t know for how long, since he doesn’t want to live with me unless we get back together. Well, that’s it for today. I’d better get back to packing but I won’t. I’m eating cornflakes and watching

    New Girl.


Thanks for reading,


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