26 Posts: B; Byzantium

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Byzantium, originally called Byzantion, was a city belonging to Ancient Greece but was never actually in Greece. It is the modern-day Istanbul, a city in Turkey. The history of Byzantium can be traced back as far as 657 BC but a lot of it is legend. Byzantium was founded by a king or leader from Megara named Byzas Continue reading


26 Posts: A; Archaeology

Welcome to my 26 Posts!

I will be doing a series of posts, amounting to 26. They will be on a subject related to history and and I will briefly touch on them because otherwise I will get carried away. This is the first post of the 26 post series and is the letter A for archaeology. Here is the link to the introduction for these 26 posts, where I have included a list of all of the things I will be talking about, in alphabetical order.

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26 Posts: Historical Themed; Alphabetical; An Introduction

Every one of my next 26 posts will be based on a topic in history and the order in which these posts come out will be in alphabetical order. Here is the list of what to look for:

(I will be adding links into the list as the posts come out. They each open on a new page. All will be links no late than the 5th of March.)

1. Archaeology
2. Byzantium
3. Charles I
4. Domesday Book
5. English Monarchy
6. French Revolution
7. Gregorian Calendar
8. Hadrian’s Wall
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